URGENT: TERMINATION OF YAKNET.CA EMAIL ACCOUNT JUNE 30TH - ACTION REQUIRED email accounts are scheduled to be permanently deactivated by June 30th . It is important that you make arrangements to replace this email as soon as possible, as it will be inaccessible and you will not receive emails sent to this address after July 6th.

For instructions on migrating your email, you can follow the instructions at Google (gmail) however as a courtesy to you, we have provided detailed instructions which you may find easier to follow. CLICK FOR INSTRUCTIONS.

You should have also received email regarding this change. If you are a Voice Network customer ,please ensure you update your billing email address with us by emailing us with your account number and new email address to

Disclaimer: This email service was a free service, it was not part of a standard Voice Network offering and was setup prior to customer acquisition by Voice Network. Voice Network takes no responsibility for transition of, or preservation of email data and the detailed instructions provided are the extent to which we can provide any support. We can take no responsibility for the accuracy to the instructions, they have been provided as a courtesy to supplement the instructions on Google support based on our experience. Please ensure your data is fully migrated are archived prior to June 30 as the Google hosted service will be permanently shut down and no future access will be available. We recommend you review the instructions as soon as possible to provide your contacts with updated email information as no forwarding will occur once the system is shut down.

- June 19th, 2015